I was downtown tonight and I passed this group of big kinda scary looking guys and all I heard was “are you fucking kidding me? harry potter wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the hunger games.”

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I’m going to keep rebloging this until I GET IT DEEP INSIDE IN MY HEAD.


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The world has finally found its equilibrium.

Dedicated to my overwhelming love for this man

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Can you prove me without words that you know exactly what is a french kiss? x

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Michael Fassbender for ‘Details’ june/july 2014

Michael Fassbender for ‘Details’ june/july 2014

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What’s happening in the X-Men World? x

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Have you ever considered giving up acting?

I did. (…) Right after finishing college. It was six months when I couldn’t escape one thought: “You don’t have talent, you’re going to make a fool of yourself”. I doubted my abilities and was really close to giving it up. It’s been a long time until I believed in myself and realised I wasn’t a duffer. (x)

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